Say hello to Yup! chocolate milk.

It’s time to do… NOTHING.

Nothing Is Something.

The last YUP! (Social video for YUP!'s Facebook page)

Weird AF social video for YUP!'s Facebook page

Concepted and wrote all the copy for the YUP! website. Check it: http://yupmilk.com

A friggin' movie trailer! This is playing in Cinemarks nationwide during movie previews.


The chocolate milk category is a boring pinata that desperately needs smashing, and Yup! (a new chocolate milk brand) is just the baseball bat for the job.

Bizarre analogies aside, Yup! entrusted me and Onion Labs to launch its brand from the ground up, focusing on a young 16-22 target who view chocolate milk as a break from a day full of homework, extracurricular activities, and lying to their parents about everything.

The campaign: Yup! encourages you to do absolutely nothing.


Writer, Concept




October 2015


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